Mendon Photography


Welcome to my virtual gallery and blog. Out of concern about copyright issues, I am going to minimize the photos I publish on social networks. Using this website, I have exclusive control and ownership of the content-good or bad. I also think of it as getting off the beaten social network path. You can come here and browse photos at your leisure without the interruptions of “like” notices and other distractions.

The goal of this site is to showcase my work and hopefully the work of other photographers once I get the technology worked out. In the world of art, it is not about the artist but rather what the artist creates. What matters is how the artist manages to put you in her pictures. The same holds true for photography. Every photo I take is an effort to allow you an opportunity to see things differently than you normally would. Like an artist, I am constantly experimenting with my work. One series of photos might look totally different than another. Creativity evolves with experience and insight. It also grows on knowledge. My goal is to live and learn within my art.


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