October 14, 2018


I am hoping that the Fall 2018 Photo Contest is successful. I actually think it can be a lot of fun in a world that needs as much fun as we can bring. Every photographer loves to their skills and their art. Contests like this really encourages you to explore the boundaries of your art and push them forward. At the same time, there is the opportunity to learn from your peers. All in all, nobody loses.

As for my work, it has been sparse over the past few months while our house went through a major makeover. Now that everything seems completed until spring, I am glad to be back at it. Much of my shooting time is dictated by my health but it has not been a real issue. As a minimum, every day I take my camera outside and try to find 3 things that I can shoot in my own yard. Sometimes I can find some awesome shots and others, I have to ask myself why I put those clicks on the shutter. In the end, it’s all good and really quite Zen. I am hoping to get some shooting in this fall and I am already thinking about winter shooting opportunities.

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